Little Dark Age

Music video for MGMT's debut single from their upcoming album, Little Dark Age.
Directors: Nathaniel Axel & David MacNutt
Label: Columbia Records
Producers: Alexandra Byer, Joseph Latson
DP: Matt Mitchell


Patti $ea$on

Music video for the original song "Patti $ea$on" from the Fox Searchlight film PATTI CAKE$. 
Director: Geremy Jasper
Label: Fox Searchlight
Production Companies: Department of Motion Pictures and RATHAUS
Producers: Michael Gottwald, Noah Stahl
Line Producer: Alexandra Byer
DP: David Raboy


Wilder Palms

Wilder Palms is a short film set in Hawaii about a seven-year old girl named Rin who is on the verge of being separated from her mother. After a tense encounter with a CPS worker, Rin is forced to choose between retreating to her imagination or facing a new reality.


Leaving Hope

Suffering a loss, a woman finds a mysterious book on a subway platform and with it fights to get control of her life. Leaving Hope is a short film written and directed by Caspar Newbolt, shot by Shabier Kirchner and produced by Alexandra Byer.


Carhartt Vineyard

Branded content piece focusing on the work and family behind the Carhartt Vineyard in Los Olivos, CA. Commissioned by Carhartt (Detroit, MI). Directed by Kevin Steen, shot by Shabier Kirchner, produced by Alexandra Byer.

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 1.22.10 PM.png

No Ordinary Man

Every love story is a ghost story. Music video for Columbian band Salt Cathedral ( shot in Brooklyn, New York by Shabier Kirchner. Directed by Bradley Tangonan. Starring Curtiss Cook Jr. and Grace Eddy. Full video here.